Infragistics and OpenFin: Innovate with a Bimodal Solution

Most companies are in the same boat today—they have a multitude of legacy applications written in .NET, C++, Flex, Flash, you name it. Meanwhile, JavaScript and HTML 5 are becoming increasingly viable solutions for new, modern tools. If you’re developing financial services apps, this presents a challenge—which do you go with?

Bi-Modal Solution
The answer? A bi-modal strategy: maintain your core business investments, while simultaneously innovating and differentiating your company with new technologies. This is where OpenFin and Infragistics come into play.

Using OpenFin, together with Infragistics tools such as Ignite UI for JavaScript/HTML5 or Infragistics Ultimate UI for Xamarin, financial service app developers can provide beautiful, high-performance user experiences across the continuum of screens necessary for a financial services app.

With information being shared over the OpenFin InterApp Bus, Infragistics components really excel. The secure model — a local pub/sub between parent and child windows using just a few lines of code — works both for new web and mobile technologies, as well as with desktop applications.

This bi-modal solution allows for app communication in three key scenarios:

• Scenario 1: HTML app talking to HTML children windows through a secure bus between the windows
• Scenario 2: A WPF app talking securely with a JavaScript app that it’s spawned
• Scenario 3: SignalR talking with the OpenFin bus so you can have desktop, web, and mobile apps across Xamarin

Learn More
For more information about building responsive web applications that work with the OpenFin operating layer, read Infragistics’ blog, then watch this deep-dive video showing the details of how this demo works.

If you’re interested in developing for HTML5, Angular, or React, visit Infragistics’ Ignite UI for JavaScript/HTML5 product page and learn more about Ignite UI for JavaScript. It has full touch support, responsive web design, real-time/virtualized data support, the fastest grids in the industry, more than 75 high-performance charts, and more. Visit today, and download a trial version for free.

For more info about building fast, beautiful, touch-first, cross-platform mobile apps that can be integrated into an OpenFin solution, check Infragistics’ Ultimate UI for Xamarin.

About Jason Beres
As the Sr. VP of Developer Tools at Infragistics, Jason and his global team spearhead the customer-driven, innovative features and functionality throughout all of Infragistics’ developer-focused tools, UX tools, and business solutions. Jason is the author of 10 books on software development, covering topics like SQL Server, C#, Rich Client, and Web Development. Jason is a national and international conference speaker, a former 11-year Microsoft MVP and keeps very active in the developer community. You can follow Jason at @jasonberes on Twitter.

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