Open Source + Open Standards – The dynamic duo who may well save your technology strategy!

The Symphony Software Foundation is seeing a massive momentum in the interest of an open ecosystem and interoperability within financial services. Software vendors and the most successful innovative industries are realizing the benefits of collaborating in the open, by leveraging open source and open standards to maximize adoption, interoperability and developer engagement on common platforms, while focusing on delivering true competitive differentiators. The Foundation, through an open and inclusive model, is driving open innovation and open source readiness in financial services and fintech, leveraging the Symphony platform as a coalescing component. Executive Director Gabriele Columbro explores how foundations enable industries to reach a new level of interoperability through the exponential benefits of leveraging open source and open standards effectively–and how this is especially true when you are building a platform.

About Symphony Software Foundation

The Symphony Software Foundation is an independent non­profit organization formed to sustain the open governance, open source development and adoption of Symphony as the industry­-standard secure messaging platform. The Foundation makes it easier and safer for organizations in regulated industries to communicate and collaborate behind and across the firewall while maintaining full compliance. The Foundation hosts an ecosystem of open source projects, enabling industry-wide open collaboration in financial services. Learn more about how the combination of both open standards and open source can save your platform strategy from the Foundation’s Executive Director Gabriele Columbro.

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