Node.js and the Rapidly-Evolving Cloud Landscape

Businesses are rapidly turning to Node.js in order to help modernize their applications, improve productivity and enable greater cohesion between teams. And while Node.js usage grows, organizations expect developer tools and cloud services to evolve alongside it, in order to ensure that any gains aren’t lost as the complexity and customer demands of apps increase. Learn how Microsoft is working with the community and enterprises to help grow the Node.js development experience in Visual Studio Code and Azure, including efficient authoring and debugging tools, cloud and Docker-based deployments, and production diagnostics.

About Jonathan
Jonathan Carter is a program manager at Microsoft, working on developer tools and services for JavaScript. He has helped build components for Visual Studio, in-browser tools for IE/Edge, an over-the-air distribution platform for React Native, and is now passionate about all things Node.js. On the personal side, he enjoys writing comic books that will never be published and traveling with his family.

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